Why we care about skin too

Why we care about skin too

When any of us talk wistfully about turning back the clock, we aren’t really wanting to lose the wisdom and experience that age brings. We just want to look and feel like the best version of ourselves. Now that I am a father, I definitely wouldn’t want to be without my girls, but there are times when I wish that I had a bit more energy!

Doing the job I do, I meet people who want to improve their appearance and I find that many want natural looking results. There are several different ways in which this can be achieved.

First let’s look at the dental route. Orthodontic treatment, by improving the smile – can have an impact on the overall facial appearance. With teeth as the focal point, it is my job to look at the whole face when beginning treatment with a patient. Did you know that our modern appreciation of order and harmony comes from an Ancient Greek concept of  ‘The Golden Ratio’?

Tooth whitening
Naturally, after teeth have been aligned and restored, the confidence to smile more frequently comes into the equation. But there’s more. After treatment , some patients choose to have their teeth whitened and this very often makes a person look younger too.

Our understanding of facial harmony often takes our conversations with patients into the realms of aesthetic treatments. What about those that enquire into making improvements to other areas such as their skin? In the past, my patients would have to look elsewhere. But that is changing. I am planning to offer skin treatments at the clinic.
The whole face
Tooth straightening is often coined as both art and science because it concerns itself with the whole face, not just the teeth. When a space came up in one of our surgeries, a skin practitioner seemed the obvious choice. Our clinic is a hygienic and sterile environment, making it a perfect space to expand our services for the convenience of our patients.

Let’s not shout about it
The other reason can be summed up in one word: discreet. Just as lingual braces can be worn without anyone knowing, we want to provide a skin service that is discreet and convenient for patients who may not want others to know about their treatment. Patients can book a skin treatment as discreetly as they would a follow-up orthodontic appointment.

Really when we think about it, there are lots of reasons to expand our services to include limited skin treatments! . If you are interested in skin services, please let the reception team know.



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