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Short courses, long debate

On the popular forum GDPUK there has been a debate over short-term treatments. Meanwhile, Professor Kevin O’Brien, a leading UK academic as well as former chair of the General Dental Council, has posted a very interesting item on his blog. It’s about self-ligation but more significantly, about misleading claims and it makes interesting reading: http://kevinobrienorthoblog.com/self-ligation-another-nail-coffin/

Finally, Dental Protection’s annual review which has just come out carries a very interesting page with the title: “The dangers of short courses”. I think the following quote from its article on the subject is key:
“..the one asset that cannot be provided on any course is experience. Whilst experienced clinicians can make a technique look easy it would be foolish to assume the same level of ability can be developed during a short course.”
A sentiment worth bearing in mind….

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