Getting the Message Across

Getting the Message Across

I recently came across this little piece in The Guardian about a catchy song that was used for a toothpaste advert 30 years ago. It was based on a 1929 song called “Button up your overcoat” and sung by Ruth Etting. The toothpaste version was so catchy that it became a regular favourite for the writer, Emma Dunmore and her sister to sing together during their childhood and has stuck in her head ever since. The words are: Button up your anorak when the wind is free, take good care of your gums and brush with Mentadent P! 

A simple and effective message.  I have taken 5 other examples of clever dental adverts that got me thinking about my dental health.

1. Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash

A Corsodyl mouthwash TV advert came out a few years ago which was designed to shock its audience and raise awareness to the early symptoms of gum disease. It opens in a dreamy dusk-lite field with a woman walking through what looks like golden corn. As she turned around, the audience is met with an unsightly missing tooth! This contradition really drives home how unhealthy teeth and gums can take away from a desirable, ‘dreamy’ appearance.

2. Reach Dental Floss (USA)

This Reach ad series were predominately shown in US print media and online. Each of these showed a different farm animal balanced precariously on a thin white wire. The caption reads Food has no chance. Although I felt a little sad for the confused-looking cow, I loved the connotation that floss can reach food in trickiest of positions in your mouth.
3. 1930’s Baby teeth ” Pearls”

This vintage 1930s ad by Lorna Adamson is simple in its elegance. The illustated design was a common site during the war and post war years. This ad shows a baby inside a pearl shell with the simple catch line Guard baby’s teeth today for her to guard tomorrow. It brilliantly conveys the precious nature of a baby’s health and that taking care of your children’s teeth early on, gives them the best start and incentive to look after their own teeth later on.

4. Oral B Electric toothbrush

This Oral B advert was very simple, yet effective. It shows a hand thrust into the air, grasping an electirc toothbrush with the catch line ‘ Seize power today’. It encourages its audience to take control of their dental health and indicates that this model will be the one to help them. This ad really reminded me of a blog which our hygienist, Sarah wrote some time ago called The Genie is in the hand, not the bottle. It didn’t plug a particular toothbrush brand but looked at some of the best ways to keep on top of your own dental health whilst wearing braces. Check it out!

5. Colgate dental floss advert

Quite a subtle ad working on the notion of the  double take. This Colgate advert was displayed on huge billboards around the UK for drivers and passers by to see. On first sight, the viewer could see a happy looking, stock-photo-esque couple. On looking away, you’d have a sense that something wasn’t quite right. You’d look back to the ad to finds that one of the smiling pair has some dark-coloured food stuck in between their teeth. A pack of dental floss was cleverly placed in the top, right hand corner with a huge red arrow screaming, USE ME.

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