Fixed or removable retainers: how about both?

Fixed or removable retainers: how about both?

In a sense, orthodontic treatment never ends because after braces come off, the retainers go on! This is an incredibly important step that ensures all the hard work that’s been put in to straightening your smile wasn’t for naught. So what are the options? There are two, so let me tell you about them.


Removable retainers

The main advantage of having a removable retainer is that you will be sure to have completely retainer-free time at your disposal; surely a real treat after your time with lingual braces! You often put it in overnight and take it out in the morning, or wear it while working or watching TV. The downfall of the removable retainer is that, as it is removable, it’s easily forgotten, or worse, easy lost. If you don’t wear your retainer of your own volition and as directed, you may find your teeth move and the treatment relapses.

Another potential advantage of the removable retainer is the ability to take it out when brushing and flossing, simplifying the process at large. Unfortunately, this type of retainer isn’t quite as effective as its counterpart, the fixed retainer.


Fixed Retainers

If you are keen to have something that you can easily forget about, a fixed retainer is your best bet. Once the fixed retainer is bonded into the mouth, it is permanently fixed to your teeth. Simple! As teeth can shift naturally over time, a fixed retainer is the best insurance for keeping the teeth straight.


How we are different
We take a belt and braces approach to retention here. We provide patients with both fixed and removable retainers, meaning that you are fitted with a fixed retainer, but if any issues should arise and the retainer should break, you can pop in your removable version until you can book in your appointment at the clinic. By providing both types, we hope to keep all of our patients supremely happy and healthy and protect the investment they have made.

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