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Countdown to the big event

Many of our treatments here are timed to end before the important event and to allow time for some tooth-whitening too. We are often asked for advice on tooth-whitening and it comes as a surprise that this is also a treatment which takes time, albeit less time than orthodontics. By gradually whitening your teeth over a matter of weeks, you can get to a shade you are happy with. Whitening kits are available at most dental practices. This consists of moulds that your dentist makes especially to fit over your teeth and whitening gel which is placed in the moulds. As you wear the moulds, your teeth will gradually brighten and you stop the treatment when you are happy with the shade.
Our patients can have their whitening with us or we refer you back to your dentist. Our hygienists will offer a prophy jet clean as an alternative to whitening. you can read more about jet cleaning in the treatments section. My advice is plan early and avoid rushing into anything. If you are a list person, then getting your smile onto your list so you can be ready for your big event is as important as the clothes, the catering and the venue.


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