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Skin treatments from cancer specialist

Carmen Murias is an exceptional clinician who combines facial aesthetics with work as an oncologist (cancer specialist). Having trained in oncology, she started a two year Masters degree in aesthetic medicine so that she could provide skin treatments to cancer patients who wanted to feel more feminine and attractive. She found she could make a profound impact on her patients’ well-being and, inspired by their gratitude and enthusiasm, she developed aesthetic medicine as her second specialist skill.

Working holistically, she is now providing skin treatments to men and women who want to enhance their looks and feel better about their appearance. Carmen is visiting LLOC on a part-time basis and is happy to have an informal chat with anyone who is interested and feels they need more information. Carmen treats the following areas:

With a medical background, Carmen aims to provide beauty from inside out. working with each patient individually, changing habits and encouraging healthy ones. She can reduce wrinkles and age lines, plump out sagging skin, smooth out the lines on your hands and improve the shape of your lips, your nose, your neck or your chin. There are not many aspects of the face, hands or décolleté that she can’t improve.

Juvederm, widely recognised as a leading aesthetic product, is her preferred treatment. Carmen also recommends cosmeceuticals to her patients in order to prevent ageing on a daily basis. She will discuss your wishes in detail before she comes up with suggestions and ideally likes to have a pre-treatment consultation so she understands her patients and their lifestyle.

To discuss treatment options, or for more information or costs, please contact us 020 7486 2883, or email us and we will get in touch.

View the results below of the treatment of a woman in her early 60s who generally wanted to look less lined and more youthful.

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