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We treat people of all ages, from age seven to seventy, sometimes several generations of the same family. As an orthodontic specialist, Asif is able to treat a wide range of dental problems requiring braces and he offers a wide range of orthodontic systems.

Braces for children and young people

The majority of children who need braces start treatment from around the age of 11 or 12 and, for most, fixed braces are the most effective route. Treatment with aligners may also be possible and is a popular option. The treatment planning of all the braces is carried out digitally in the practice with lingual braces and aligners being custom-made. Sometimes children as young as seven can benefit from early intervention. This is explained in a blog here. We can see young people on a Saturday, by appointment, to avoid absences from school.

Adult braces

Of the systems on offer at LLOC, lingual braces are the most popular. They are fixed behind the teeth, so no-one knows you are wearing them. We can also provide treatment with conventional braces and offer aligners for patients who only need simple tooth-straightening. For patients requiring the input of more than one dental specialist, Asif will work with colleagues  to provide a high level of inter-disciplinary care, in order to meet the patient’s goals.

View our range of invisible braces as well as complementary treatments ensuring you finish treatment with teeth that are healthy as well as straight.

Our clinic is warm and welcoming and our personal level of service helps patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their orthodontic treatment. Our patients can live locally in London or travel from overseas. Anyone with a dental problem looking for an orthodontic solution is welcome here. If you have any questions, do check our FAQs.

To discuss your options or find out more, contact our team on 020 7486 2883, or email us and we will get in touch.

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Keeping our patients and colleagues up to date on all things orthodontic is part of our mission as well as sharing news from the clinic and recipes that work for people in braces. Check out our blog for the latest.

For Patients
27th November 2018

Will my speech be affected by lingual braces?

I am often asked by patients if braces will give them a lisp. If you are worried about lisping, I have a solution: her name is Annie Morrison.

19th October 2018

Now holistic aesthetic care at LLOC

We have been joined by two skilled practitioners who meet the demand for complementary dental treatments as well as rejuvenating injections in our safe and discreet clinic.

For Patients
19th October 2018

Beauty Inside Out

Why would an orthodontic clinic host an oncologist specialising in the treatment of women with breast cancer?

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