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The hygienists who work in the clinic share Asif’s commitment to maintaining the dental health of our patients and write blogs with helpful insights.

4th June 2020

Straighter teeth protects against serious conditions

We take a look at the various ways in which the arrangement of your teeth can affect dental and holistic health.

28th May 2020

Brushing your teeth to reduce viral load

Did you know there is a convincing association between keeping your mouth clean and reducing the risk of spreading viruses?

lingual braces and dental care
27th January 2020

A guide to mouthwash when you’re wearing braces

We’ve put together a blog to explain why we always recommend alcohol-free, fluoride containing mouthwash.

17th December 2019

What’s in our water?

Water is essential to life, but it is also essential to the running of a dental practice. So how do we know that the water is clean and pure?

mouthwash and oral hygiene
11th November 2019

You say potato, I say potato and we all say spit don’t rinse!

The routines we learn as a child can often stay with us for life.

1st August 2019

Keeping your teeth clean whilst wearing braces

We’ve put together some key tips and considerations around keeping your teeth clean while in braces.

18th July 2019

Free sugars and your health: keeping it real

Free sugars sound appealing, don’t they? We’re going to explain why they’re more harmful for you than sugars that are locked into foods.

14th June 2019

The truth about charcoal whitening products

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the UK. We’re taking a closer look at the trend of charcoal-based dental products and what it really means for consumers.

Common problems with your teeth
1st March 2019

Common problems with your teeth and what they mean

We’ve put together a list of some of the most frequent problems that people experience with their teeth, plus some signs that suggest professional advice is needed to help maintain good oral health.

11th January 2017

What is a professional hygiene appointment, exactly?

I am about to tell you exactly what I do at a hygiene appointment. I think you might be quite surprised at what a professional hygiene service entails!

Hygienists and dental care treatments for patients
21st October 2016

The toothbrush that talks

Every time I think I have heard about the ultimate in new technology, I am surprised to learn of yet another digital innovation.

2nd March 2016

Shall I compare thee to some floss?

Some people express their passion in odes – one of William Shakespeare’s was inspired by a young man, or closer to home, in Wimpole Street, Elizabeth Barrett wrote love letters to Robert Browning.

Treatment room and dentist chair at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic
22nd June 2015

How LLOC does in-clinic hygiene differently

Most orthodontic practices rely on their referring dental practices to look after the routine dental hygiene of patients.

15th September 2014

The oil pull and the absence of marketing magic

Oil-pulling is an ancient system of cleansing the mouth of toxins which has become popular within celebrity and media circles.

22nd July 2014

The Dreaded Stink

A lot of people are paranoid about having bad breath and broaching the subject is not easy. But what if it’s part of your job to do some straight talking?

6th February 2014

Cleaning between the teeth: a health protection routine

Why it’s important to fit cleaning between our teeth into our daily toothbrushing regime.

13th January 2014

The genie is in the hand, not the bottle

What products do we recommend for keeping teeth clean and free of plaque?

7th June 2013

The joy of a prophy jet clean

Prophy jet is in high demand here after a journalist being treated by Asif gave us a mention in the Sunday Times magazine.

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