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2nd August 2019

The best food to eat when wearing braces

We’ve put together a short guide to some of the food to avoid whilst in braces and some of the best things you can eat.

1st August 2019

Keeping your teeth clean whilst wearing braces

We’ve put together some key tips and considerations around keeping your teeth clean while in braces.

29th December 2017

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Teeth sensitivity can be compared to the common cold. All of us are likely to experience it at some time or another but there is conflicting advice on the best remedy!

11th January 2017

What is a professional hygiene appointment, exactly?

I am about to tell you exactly what I do at a hygiene appointment. I think you might be quite surprised at what a professional hygiene service entails!

12th August 2016

Carry on flossing!

The silly season arrived with a bang in 2016.

15th June 2016

Toothpaste with a Conscience

It has become easier to find cosmetics and beauty items with ethical testing policies, but is it possible to go cruelty-free with your dental health products?

4th August 2015

Going to a festival? Don’t forget about your teeth!

We are fully in the midst of summer festival season here in the UK. So what should you be doing to keep your smile in tip top shape this summer?

5th July 2013

The good old days? Not for children’s teeth

Can you imagine how unhealthy the teeth of youngsters were 100 years ago? The first British Dental Association (BDA) survey in the early 1900s reported that in one school in the South of England, out of 1200 children, over half of them had already had extractions.

5th July 2013

Why fizziness is a bad business

Fizzy drinks are very popular amongst British teenagers. I find this worrying because cola, lemonade and other sparkling drinks are a major cause of tooth erosion.

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