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Our Patients - Children & Teenagers

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Straight teeth and a beautiful smile make a huge difference to the self-esteem and confidence of children and teenagers. There’s no need for children to remain self-conscious or embarrassed about crooked, overcrowded or discoloured teeth, because orthodontic treatment can start as soon as all adult teeth have erupted, usually around the age of ten or eleven.

As we specialise in lingual orthodontics, we can offer your child a range of options – in addition to traditional “train-track” braces - that are much more subtle and will have less impact on their appearance whilst they are undergoing treatment. Lingual braces are totally inconspicuous and customised to fit each child perfectly.

Read below what parents have to say about their children’s treatment with us:


I am writing to thank you for the work you have effected on my son, Dominic’s teeth.

Over the past 18 months my wife and I have witnessed Dominic become more self assured, confident and “smiley” as the distinctive gaps between his teeth closed down and he lost the reason to hide his smile!

The braces behind his teeth proved to be the best method for Dom as he could benefit from seeing the changes to his teeth as they became apparent, rather than have to wait for them to be “revealed” as would have been the case with conventional braces to the front of his teeth.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to other prospective patients.

Mr P Elliot M.B.E.

Both my daughter and my son have recently completed their orthodontic treatment with Dr Asif Chatoo. I’d like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Dr Chatoo and to thank him and his most helpful team for all their excellent work.

Throughout the treatment, Dr Chatoo was always helpful, accessible and patient. His work was to the highest professional standard and the excellent results of the treatments bear witness to this. In the case of my daughter, a previous injury to her mouth in earlier years made any orthodontic solution much more challenging, complicated and time consuming. Dr Chatoo found imaginative ways to meet the challenge and was always at hand to explain and to tend to her. He would always find time to see her even for the slightest emergency with no prior appointment and for no extra cost. Both my children felt very well cared for and we are all delighted with the results.

Dr Chatoo and his wonderful team of assistants and receptionists have given us the very best service. Thank you.

Mrs O Doyle

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence in lingual orthodontics, to provide our patients with a beautiful smile.

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